Cihanbeyli Konakları

Cihanbeyli Konakları PROJECT FEATURES

The Cihanbeyli Mansions project is being implemented by Safa İnşaat in Selçuk, the developing region of Konya. The Cihanbeyli Mansions project, built on a land area of ​​4,200 square meters, consists of 44 residences with a size of 175 square meters, designed as 3+1.

The project, which is planned to be delivered in September 2018, also includes 10 commercial units. Cihanbeyli Mansions project, which draws attention as a complete family concept, is expected to make a premium of over 20 percent after the completion of the project.

The Cihanbeyli Mansions project, which will rise in 3 blocks, promises a safe life with its infrastructure in accordance with earthquake regulations and a comfortable life with its technical equipment.