Türkan Sultan Konakları

Türkan Sultan Mansions PROJECT FEATURES

Türkan Sultan Mansions project is being implemented in Antalya’s Gazipaşa region with the signature of Güven İnşaat. The Türkan Sultan Mansions project, which was implemented on a land area of ​​12 thousand square meters, draws attention with its concept that will add value to the Gazipaşa region.

Türkan Sultan Mansions Floor Plan

In the Türkan Sultan Mansions Floor Plan project, there are 1 room 1 living room, 2 room 1 living room, 3 room 1 living room and 4 room 1 living room apartment types. Concepts such as green space, garden, courtyard and life are at the forefront in Türkan Sultan Mansions, where all the details of a peaceful life are considered.

Where is Turkan Sultan Mansions?

Türkan Sultan Mansions project draws attention with its central location in Antalya’s Gazipaşa region. The project is located 5 kilometers from the airport, 1 kilometer from the center and 500 meters from the sea.

Türkan Sultan Mansions Nearby

The Türkan Sultan Mansions project provides advantages in transportation to the owners with its proximity to many central points. The project also offers a holiday-like life with its 500-meter distance to the sea.

Türkan Sultan Mansions Social Facilities

In the Türkan Sultan Mansions project, there are walking areas, sports halls, cafe, Olympic swimming pool, tennis court, basketball court and many other social activity areas for the flat owners to lead a comfortable life.

Turkan Sultan Mansions Delivery Date

The apartments in the Türkan Sultan Konakları project are planned to be completed and delivered in 2020.

Kurt Residence


Kurt Residence project is being implemented by Kurt İnşaat in the Gazipaşa region of Antalya. The Kurt Residence project, which has been implemented as consisting of 2 blocks, is specially designed for those who want to live in a house with a unique architecture.

Kurt Residence Floor Plan

Kurt Residence project has large, comfortable and luxurious living spaces where you can relax with your family. The areas of the residences in the Kurt Residence project, which consists of a total of 66 residences, start from 100 square meters and reach up to 180 square meters.

Where is Kurt Residence?

Kurt Residence project is located on the borders of Antalya, one of Turkey’s tourism paradises, in Gazipaşa. The open address of the Kurt Residence project is Pazarcı Mah. Ugur Mumcu Cad. No: 185/2 Gazipaşa is indicated as Antalya.

Kurt Residence Neighborhood

Kurt Residence project offers comfort in transportation to apartment owners with its location. Located on Uğur Mumcu Street in Gazipaşa, the project draws attention with its proximity to many health and education institutions.

Kurt Residence Social Facilities

Kurt Residence opens the doors of a social life to the owners with its garden with swimming pool, tree-lined walking paths, children’s playground, indoor pool and sauna area, large parking areas.

Kurt Residence Delivery Date

In the Kurt Residence project, the apartments are immediately delivered to their owners.

Bostanlar Konutları

Bostanlar Residences PROJECT FEATURES

The Bostanlar Residences project is being implemented by Güven İnşaat in the Gazipaşa region of Antalya. Bostanlar Residences project, whose land area is determined as 2 thousand 320 square meters, is a candidate to be one of the most special projects of Gazipaşa.

Bostanlar Residences Floor Plan

Bostanlar Residences project consists of 24 flats. The project developed on a private land around Gazipaşa Pazarcı Mahallesi Bostanlar Street; It promises a new life with its quality materials used and stylish and comfortable details.

Where are Bostanlar Residences?

The Bostanlar Residences project is being implemented in Gazipaşa, one of the valuable locations of Antalya. Open address of the project: Pazarcı Mahallesi, Bostanlı Sokak Gazipaşa/ Antalya

Bostanlar Residences Nearby

While the Bostanlar Residences project offers ease of access to the flat owners due to its location, it provides a high-yield investment opportunity to those who buy residential units for investment purposes.

Bostanlar Residences Social Facilities

Bostanlar Residences project has been specially designed in every detail by making use of the latest technology and brings a brand new and privileged breath to Gazipaşa with its comfortable apartments and indoor parking lot.

Bostanlar Residences Delivery Date

In the Bostanlar Residences project, the flats are delivered immediately.