Empire İncek


Ufuk Property Inc. Empire Incek, which was brought to life in Incek, the new heart of Ankara, was designed as 243 residence apartments in a 41-floor tower.
Empire İncek, which is waiting for its owners with the advantage of title deed, is one of the projects with the easiest access in Ankara due to its location.

Empire İncek with its magnificent Mogan Lake view is located very close to Atılım University, Ufuk University, METU Forest, Eymir and Mogan Lakes, Gendarmerie Schools Command, Constitutional Court. The project, which is only 8 minutes from Panora, is next to TED College…

The Empire İncek project, all of which is reserved for site use, is also very rich in terms of social facilities,
-Swimming Pool   -Sauna   -Turkish Bath       -Squash      Yoga
-Hairdresser -Dry Cleaning —Meeting Halls — Cafe Bistro -It forms a complete complex with the View Terrace with Magnificent Ankara and Mogan Lake Views.

Empire Incek, which is targeted to be completed in November 2020; With its striking 25-meter dome, social areas, location and stunning architecture, it offers more than just a project.

İncek Loft


Incek Loft, realized by Akfen İnşaat in İncek, one of the premium regions of Ankara, and attracting attention as a mixed-use residential project, aims to create a contemporary living space.

Incek Loft consists of three different architectures: Terrace Houses with 6 – 9 floors, 7 blocks, Gaziosmanpaşa Houses with 4 – 7 floors, 11 blocks, and High Houses, consisting of 6 blocks with 20 and 30 floors. Apartments in Teras Evler are designed as 2.5+1, 3+1 garden duplex, 4+1 and 5+1, varying in size from 63 square meters to 189 square meters. The size of the apartments designed as 2.5+1 and 3.5+1 in Ankara Gaziosmanpaşa Houses is 140 square meters.

The sizes of 1+1, 2+1, 3+1, 3.5+1, 4+1 and 5+1 apartments in Yüksek Evler vary between 48 square meters and 180 square meters.

In the project, all units are positioned with a striking layout plan, with gardens and terraces, to make optimum use of daylight and view, while preserving the privacy of each residence.

In Incek Loft, which is planned as a living space intertwined with nature rather than a home, your children will be able to make new friends while you relax or shop at the shopping mall, while playing in the Playground reserved for them…

Hobby Workshop, where you can develop your handicrafts and spend pleasant times, will also develop your imagination…

From Organic Market to Your Homes…

It is possible to reach organic products in İncek Loft, which adds health to the understanding of a pleasant and comfortable living space… In the organic market, where there are products from private farms, you will find honey, eggs, spices and even cosmetic products in addition to fruits and vegetables…

The stars are closer with the Observatory… You will be closer to the stars with the telescope at the Observatory…

You will also love the cute ponies where your children will learn to ride at the Pony Club, where the cutest horses are located…

You will also find world stars at Pocket Cinema. In Incek Loft, a pocket cinema where you can gather with your family or friends and watch the movie you want is waiting for you.

Party House is also in Incek Loft, where you can enjoy your special days and have all the fun…

In the İncek Loft project, areas have also been created for you to lead a fit and fit life. Walking path, fitness center, volleyball, basketball, tennis courts and indoor swimming pool and more are in the İncek Loft project…

İncek Life


The İncek Life project, which was implemented by Sinpaş GYO with the interpretation of modern architecture with a very special landscape approach, inspired by the Turkish architecture of the Republic period and the Ankara house, which is the original housing construction of Ankara, offers a rich range of life with 5 different types of blocks and 2 different types of villas.

In the project, Villa Nergis and Villa Çiğdems create a spacious living space with a private parking lot for 2 cars, a pool, and a large and functional garden, while Lale Mansions are 4+1, Violet Mansions and Kardelen Mansions are 3+1, and Göl Kule is 1+1 and It consists of 2+1 flats.

Outside corner 2+1 houses; While it offers a comfortable life with its closed kitchen, master bedroom with private bathroom and balcony overlooking the view, the open kitchen and the landscape dominating the landscape in the interior 2+1 and 1+1 houses bring peace and comfort to your life.

The project, where your children can play freely, parents can have a peaceful time, and young people can improve themselves in sports and social areas, presents the future to Ankara with its unique neighborhood structure and rich social life.

Incek Life project, which will blend green and blue and add calmness to your life with its blue and peace with its green, promises a life intertwined with nature next to the 1,250 square meter outdoor swimming pool and the beach where you and your children can spend time with pleasure.

The project promises a different life in the middle of the Capital with its Winter Gardens consisting of indoor garden areas with different plant species, Gezindi Pond with a pier and islands where you can take a boat ride, and landscaping areas with Resting and Viewing Areas surrounded by plants at different points.

In İncek Life, you can meet your daily needs in various shops such as hairdressers, markets and pharmacies.

In addition to its unique architectural concept, Sinpaş GYO İncek Life will also allow you to live your life with pleasure with its social life and shopping richness.

Next to the İncek Life project, which offers many opportunities to make you feel special, there is Bahçeşehir Colleges, where quality and elite education is prioritized.

In the activity areas of the project, you will have the opportunity to do yoga and pilates collectively in the middle of the park area full of trees, at a point overlooking the landscape in nature, and you will enjoy running, walking or cycling on the track, which is approximately 850 meters long, where jogging, cycling and walking paths are defined separately.

Incek Life, which stands out with its wide social and technical facilities, will also have a tennis court, golf practice area, a drenalin arena where outdoor activities such as summer and winter sports activities, performances, concerts and theater will be held, and a viewing amphitheater. The Club House, which consists of socializing areas with TV and cafe, where sports such as billiards and table tennis and computer games can be played, was also included in the project.

In the giant project, there are fitness, wellness, SPA facility to be operated by a professional group, which will also include an indoor swimming pool, and Zen Club and commercial areas, which include commercial areas so that the residents of İncek Life and Blue can easily meet all their needs.

Ede Tower


Ede Tower, built by Detaş Konut and On-Taş İnşaat in Ankara İncek, consists of 121 residences on 35 floors.

In Ede Tower, which rises on a land area of ​​5 thousand 792 square meters, the sizes of the apartments vary from 76 to 87 square meters for 1+1 apartments, 111 square meters for 2+1 apartments, 133 to 169 square meters for 3+1 apartments, and 206 square meters for 4+1 apartments.

The 35-storey tower housing project, with its views of Lake Mogan and Ankara, promises a privileged life with its original architecture, the importance it attaches to security, the quality of the materials used and its social areas.

Located in a central location, the Ede Tower project draws attention with its proximity to educational institutions, shopping centers and important transportation axes.

Offering a wide and spacious living space with a ceiling height of 3.15 meters and flat sizes, Ede Tower invites you to experience the future with its floor gardens, indoor pool, fin bath, basketball court, fitness center, jacuzzi, sauna, indoor and outdoor cafeteria and lake view.

On the other hand, with the importance it attaches to security, in addition to the security to be provided 24/7 with video, your children will also have a pleasant time in peace and security in the park reserved for them.

Bulvar Loft


Bulvar Loft, built by Akfen İnşaat and İller Bankası on a land area of ​​38 thousand square meters, is being brought to life in Ankara Gölbaşı. Bulvar Loft consists of 822 residences with sizes ranging from 66 to 350 square meters, designed as 1+1, 2+1, 3+1, 4+1 and 5+1.

The project, which is planned to be delivered at the end of 2018, also draws attention with its social areas. In Bulvar Loft, you can reach the stores just under your home in one step, the street where many gourmet restaurants are located, the ice rink and skating rinks where you or your children will spend pleasant moments in summer and winter, the pocket movie theater where you can watch the movie you want with your friends or family whenever you want, again with your family and friends. Bocce area, which is a game, is included in the project properties.

In the project, where you can enjoy peaceful moments and relax in the natural environment in the purple wisteria gazebos, there are also areas where you can have a pleasant and safe time in the children’s playgrounds, while you can keep your body in shape with regular walks on the walking track.

In the Bulvar Loft, where security will be provided 24/7, in addition to the open and closed car park areas sufficient for all vehicles, equipment such as an indoor swimming pool, children’s swimming pool, fitness center and sun terrace were not forgotten.

ONS İncek


The Ons İncek project, which was established at a central point in Ankara Gölbaşı İncek region, bears the signature of Ons İnşaat. Consisting of 3 blocks with 41, 43 and 45 floors, Ons İncek project draws attention with its colorful architectural approach. The project includes 558 1+1, 416 2+1, 10 2+1 duplexes and 8 3+1 duplex residences. In the Ons İncek project, 1+1 flats were designed as 58 square meters, 2+1 flats as 84-86 square meters, and 3+1 duplexes as net 135 square meters.

The project consists of a total of 992 residences and a total of three blocks with 41, 43 and 45 floors. In addition, ONS İncek Residence, which provides optimum square meter usage by minimizing lost areas, draws attention with the use of balconies. It aims to bring prestige to the living standard with its 1+1 and 2+1 flat options.
Houses with smart home systems, “Intema Fluido” kitchen designs that won the EDIDA Design Award, and different color options depending on the preferences of the homeowners bring modern lines to your kitchen.

ONS İncek Residence, which allows you to feel the magnificent harmony of luxury and comfort, brings together many opportunities that will serve not only the owners but also those living in the İncek region. Apart from the complementary needs of all projects such as restaurants, markets, gyms, spas; Tire hotel, rent a car service, health assistance, maintenance service, reservation opportunity, special invitation organizations, technical support service, flower care, all-day floor service, VIP transfer facilities add value to Incek with its service approach that can meet all needs.

İncek Vista


Vista İncek project, signed by Özçelik İnşaat and Pelit partnership, consists of 222 flats in a single block with 36 floors. Just below the project, there is a shopping point consisting of 54 commercial units. With a total construction area of ​​66 thousand 104 square meters, the project has a commercial area of ​​26 thousand 943 square meters and a residential area of ​​39 thousand 161 square meters. The project includes 1+1, 1+1 duplex, 2+1, 2+1 duplex and 4+1 flats.

Incek Vista; It has 268 residences, from 1+1 to 4+1 duplex and simplex options. Big families, those who prefer minimal, those who cannot give up 2+1… No matter what kind of house you need, this is the most suitable address for you.

Special fitness center and swimming pool for those who cannot give up on sports; sauna, relaxation room and fin bath where you can relax after sports or relieve stress after a busy day; Equipped meeting room to meet the needs of Home Office employees; Cafe Vista is waiting for you for a pleasant break. Kids Club, indispensable for Vista children, is a pleasant and safe playground for the little ones.

Veb Tower


The Veb Tower project is being implemented by Vebtaş in Incek, the developing region of Ankara. Established on a land area of ​​3 thousand 811 square meters, the project consists of 85 residences, designed as 2+1, 3++1 and 4+1, varying in size from 96 to 184 square meters.

Designed to be one of the most striking towers of Ankara, the capital city of Turkey, Veb Tower consists of a 36-storey tower and a 2-storey structure at a height of 122 meters. The project, which has a lake view after the 7th floor, has a construction area of ​​23 thousand 937 square meters. The project, which consists of private penthouse apartment types on the top 4 floors of the tower, is waiting to give you insatiable moments with its magnificent view overlooking Mogan lakes after the 7th floor, and Mogan and Eymir lakes after the 28th floor.

The Veb Tower project, which opens the door to a comfortable life with its safe infrastructure and technical equipment designed in accordance with earthquake regulations, also draws attention with its social privileges. The project also includes an indoor swimming pool, fitness center, lake view, children’s playgrounds, security and parking.

Royal İncek


The Royal Incek project is being implemented in Ankara Incek with the signature of Gasterm Engineering. There are 84 flats in total in the Royal Incek project, which rises as a single block with 31 floors. The apartments in the project are designed as 2+1, 3+1, 4+1, 5+1 and 6+2. 2+1 apartments are 140 square meters, 3+1 apartments are 170 to 195 square meters, 4+1 apartments are 256 to 282 square meters, 5+1 apartments are 312 square meters, and 6+2 duplexes are 562 square meters in Royal Incek, which was built as a boutique project. owner.

Luxury and comfort are offered together in Royal Incek, where each square meter is utilized in the most efficient way. Rising right next to TED Ankara College, the project provides a great advantage to its investors.

Each flat has a winter garden that can be used as +1. In winter gardens, heating can be provided with chimneyless and smokeless fireplaces. In the project, which was built with the concept of family; There are basketball court, indoor fitness center, indoor swimming pool, indoor and outdoor children’s playgrounds, men’s and women’s saunas, indoor parking lot for each apartment and guest, where you can start a healthy life by having fun with your children.

Kent İncek


The Kent Incek project is being implemented by BESA Group in Ankara’s new favorite, Incek. Kent İncek project, which rises in the form of 8 blocks with 39 floors, consists of a total of 850 flats. The apartments in the project are designed as 1+1, 2+1, 2,5+1, 3,5+1 and 4,5+1. There are 1+1 and 3+1 flats in 2 blocks and 2+1 and 4+1 flats in 6 blocks. Flat sizes range from 61 square meters to 186 square meters.

The construction of the project, which was realized in Incek, the new settlement of Ankara with the signature of BESA Group, started in 2015. Those who want to escape from the noise of the city will enjoy the privileges of their new life with the view of Lake Mogan. Among the social facilities of the Kent İncek project, there are children’s playgrounds, camera security, fitness center, indoor swimming pool, indoor and outdoor parking.