Real Merter


Known as the center of the textile industry, Merter’s face is changing with urban transformation. Real Merter Project, on the other hand, is the first urban transformation project built in Güngören.

The project, implemented with the cooperation of Oliv Yapı and Vizyon Yapı, aims to be the new face of the region, especially in the field of textiles.

Merter location, which has been hosting the established working life of the sector for a long time; With the Real Merter project, it offers a more organized and more enjoyable living space.

The project provides investors and users with the opportunity to work in spacious and modern spaces.

The apartments in the Real Merter project housing project consist of a total of 248 apartments in 3 separate blocks.

There are a total of 155 commercial units under the said 3 blocks.

The commercial units in the project, which attract attention with their wide area of ​​use, are expected to bring significant activity to the commercial life of the region.


Housing alternatives in the Real Merter project; 1+1 apartments are between 66 and 89 square meters, 2+1 apartments are between 105 and 142 square meters, and 3+1 apartments are between 172 and 182 square meters.

On the other hand, the commercial units located on the lower floors of the project, which consists of three blocks, have sizes ranging from 36 to 491 square meters. In the project, which is aimed to deliver the houses to their owners in the first quarter of 2017, there is also the advantage of easy and alternative transportation to everywhere.

Being close to the E-5, metrobus and metro is among the social opportunities of the project; indoor parking lot, Finnish bath, security, fitness center, spa, children’s playgrounds, sauna, children’s swimming pool, camera security, indoor swimming pool and shopping mall.

Platform Merter Suites

Platform Merter Suites PROJECT FEATURES

1+0 and 1+1 apartments in Platform Merter Suites, which was built by Eroğlu Gayrimenkul on a land area of 35 thousand square meters at a point where it can be called the transportation center of Istanbul, were designed with the concept of a 5-star hotel, bringing the peace of home with the comfort of a hotel.

Platform Merter Suites, which offers you a calm environment where you can enjoy solitude with its holistic design, also draws attention with its location right next to the metro and metrobus stops at the edge of the E-5.

In addition to its parks and gardens, Platform Merter Suites draws attention with its rich appearance in terms of indoor swimming pool, SPA/Sauna, outdoor swimming pool, fitness center, tennis court, basketball court as well as social facilities within the 142 thousand square meter project area where it is located.

Real City


The Real City project is being implemented in Güngören, one of the developing regions of Istanbul. The project, which consists of residential and commercial areas, is rising with the joint venture of Oliv Yapı, OND Yapı and Zemin Yapı companies.

Real City project, which has been implemented as consisting of 3 blocks, includes 196 residences and residences, as well as 26 commercial units. The Real City project, which will have a closed construction area of ​​28 thousand square meters when completed, has an investment value of 23 million dollars.

Social areas, playground, inner courtyard etc. Bringing a new understanding to the region with its content, Real City offers a comfortable life with its central location and proximity to transportation vehicles. In the project, where there are 2 different types of residences and 2 rooms, 1 living room and 3 rooms 1 living room type apartments, the areas of the apartments start from 76 square meters and vary up to 110 square meters.

Duplex apartments in the Real City project, on the other hand, consist of 3 different types as 3 rooms, 1 living room, 3 rooms, 2 living rooms and 2 rooms and 2 living rooms, and their areas vary between 136 square meters and 170 square meters. The commercial units in the project are located on the ground floor and the pipe floor, and their areas vary between 33 square meters and 400 square meters.

2018 year 1. The project, whose rough construction works continue as of the quarter, is planned to be completed and delivered in March 2019. In the Real City project, there are social areas, children’s playgrounds, landscaping and social reinforcement areas such as parking lot that the homeowners will need.

İnsaya Merter Konakları

İnsaya Merter Mansions PROJECT FEATURES

İnsaya Merter Mansions project Çet Yapı Gezim A.Ş. It is being implemented in Merter, one of the central axes of Istanbul. The project, which was designed to consist of 2 blocks, rises on an area of ​​2 thousand 332 square meters.

İnsaya Merter Mansions Floor Plan

İnsaya Merter Mansions project consists of 39 flats and 2 shops. The apartments in the project are designed as 2 rooms 1 living room, 3 rooms 1 living room, 4 rooms 1 living room, 4 rooms 2 living rooms and 5 rooms 1 living room. In the İnsaya Merter Konakları project, 2+1 flats gross 130, net 90 square meters, 3+1s gross 160, net 110 square meters, 4+1s 137 square meters, 5+1s gross 230, net 185 square meters, 4+2 duplexes It has an area of ​​208 square meters.

Where is İnsaya Merter Mansions?

The İnsaya Merter Konakları project, which draws attention with its central location, is 10 kilometers from Mustafa Kemal Atatürk Airport, 15 minutes to the E5 and metrobus line, 5 minutes to Davutpaşa Metro Station, 5 minutes to Yıldız Technical University Davutpaşa Campus. minutes away.

İnsaya Merter Mansions Social Facilities

In the project, social facilities such as an indoor swimming pool, children’s pool, children’s playgrounds, sauna, Turkish Bath, security and indoor parking are offered for the owners.

İnsaya Merter Mansions Delivery Time

The flats of the İnsaya Merter Mansions project are delivered immediately.