Nevşehir Emlak Konutları

Nevşehir Emlak Konutları PROJECT FEATURES

Nevşehir Emlak Konutları project, implemented by Cent Yapı with Emlak Konut Assurance, is located in the center of Nevşehir. Rising on a total area of ​​29 thousand square meters, the project is being implemented in the borders of Emek Mahallesi.

Nevşehir Real Estate Houses Floor Plan

Nevşehir Emlak Konutları project, which includes 8 residential blocks of 3 different types and 1 office block, consists of 420 independent units. There are 346 flats, 20 offices and 54 shops in the project, which has a mixed concept with multiple living spaces.

Where is Nevşehir Emlak Konutları?

The open address of the Nevşehir Emlak Konutları project, which is rising in the Emek Mahallesi of Nevşehir’s Merkez district, is Emek Mah. Saatci Hoca Cad. It is stated as Merkez/Nevşehir.

Nevşehir Emlak Konutları Near Neighborhood

Nevşehir Emlak Konutları project, Nevşehir/Center – Community Health Center, Dr. NS. Health institutions such as Şevki Atasagun Nevşehir State Hospital, Versa Hospital, Nevşehir Oral and Dental Health Center, Private Cappadocia Hospital, Private Versa Hospital Emergency Service, Fresenius-Private FMC Cappadocia Dialysis Center are rising in close proximity.

Among the schools close to Nevşehir Emlak Konutları project are 100th Yıl Ülfet Başar Primary School, Nevşehir İbni Sina Vocational and Technical Anatolian High School, Mehmet Gülen Primary School, H. Lütfi Pamukçu Secondary School, Special People Education Center, Mihriban Emin Günel Secondary School, Imam Hatip High School, Yunus Emre. Imam Hatip Secondary School, Nevşehir High School, Cappadocia Vocational Technical Anatolian High School, Nevşehir Anatolian Imam Hatip High School, Nevşehir Technical and Industrial Vocational High School, Nevşehir Ahi Evran Vocational and Technical Anatolian High School, 75th Year Secondary School. The project also draws attention with its close location in shopping centers such as 350 Evler Dipa AVM, CARSI AVM, Forum Kapadokya, Nalbantoğlu AVM, Nevşehir Park.

Nevşehir Emlak Konutları Social Facilities

The Nevşehir Emlak Konutları project includes an open car park, green area, indoor parking lot, security, social facility, gym, fitness center, basketball and volleyball courts for the use of flat owners.

Nevşehir Real Estate Houses Delivery Date

Nevşehir Emlak Konutları, which has been thermally insulated and jacketed, is planned to be completed in August 2018.